Sail Leiden 2018 (27-29th July)

Sail Leiden

Interested in maritime history, or just appreciate a good fleet? Then this is the event for you.
Sail is the largest maritime heritage fleet in the world!
Meaning that Leiden will be transformed into (essentially) an open-air maritime museum for a few days. It’s the perfect place for it too, considering that it is held in the historic port of Leiden.

Sail Leiden

So, what is there to do? Apart from seeing what you came for, there is also an interactive museum, moored between Zijlpoort and Morspoort. There will be special walking guides, telling you about the history and leading you through a realm of fun activities. Boat taxi’s will also take you between the different places, making the experience really ‘on the water.’There will be different ship workers, showcasing their skills at a crafts market, they’ll be choirs, fresh fish, open-air cinema, markets and more!

Date: Friday 27th July – Sunday 29th July 2018
27 (Friday) 00:00 – 29 (Sunday) 00:00

Location: All over Leiden’s old habour!

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