The National Museum of Antiquities

The National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

The National Museum of Antiquities (RMO) is the national archaeological museum of the Netherlands. It is located in an old mansion, a monumental building complex owned by the State (Central Government Real Estate Agency), at the Rapenburg in Leiden. The museum manages collections of archaeological artefacts from cultures that have had a major influence on the contemporary culture of the Netherlands. In addition, the museum also manages the masterpieces of Dutch archeology dating from prehistoric times until the end of the Middle Ages. The Egyptian collection of the National Museum of Antiquities is one of the largest and most complete collections of Ancient Egyptian art in the world. In the central hall of the museum, the Taffeh temple has been rebuilt, a two-thousand-year-old, almost complete Egyptian temple. This temple was donated by the Egyptian government as a thank you for the contribution during a UNESCO rescue operation to move dozens of monuments threatened by the rising waters of Lake Nasser when building the Hoge Aswandam.

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