Beauty, Hair and Health in Leiden

A new hair style or a quick refreshing procedure are always good for overall confidence and for looking your best and presentable. There are a number of great hair salons to choose from in Leiden! Spa treatments are generally described as places dedicated to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind body and spirit. In Leiden you will find top notch spa salons that offer treatments of nails, facials, aromatherapy and massages.

Nico Dofferhoff Hair Salon

Nico Dofferhoff Hair Salon in Leiden

Nico Dofferhoff is a hair salon that offer the best advice and care for your hair in the city of Leiden. Staff are highly trained and professional; products and equipment are up to date on the latest in the hair industry.
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Sauna Thermen 5 mei

Sauna Thermen 5 mei in Leiden

Fancy a day total relaxation and tranquility? Sauna Thermen 5 mei ensure that you can enjoy comfort and relaxation without worry. The facility is large and there are a variety of treatments to choose from.
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Spring wellness

Spring Wellness in Leiden

Spring wellness is a small-scale beauty spa and lifestyle shop with a conscious choice for exclusive (bio-) logical products and treatments. Sustainability without sacrificing effectiveness, quality and a sense of luxury.
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