Local services in Leiden

Most of the local buses in Leiden either arrive at or go by the train station, so this is a good place to find your bearings. You should also be able to buy an ov-chipcaart here which makes it much easier and cheaper to travel on the buses. Although the city center is not small it is easily manageable by bicycle and they are cheap and easy to hire in the city. Leiden has two universities and a college. The Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is the oldest university in the Netherlands. The university has seven faculties and more than 24,000 students. The heart of the university is the Academiegebouw at the Rapenburg. Leiden University also has its own botanical garden, its own observatory and its own university library. The city is a great draw for students and this group represents a huge amount of the population. The city of Leiden is home to medical centers and dental practices that most big cities would be proud of possessing. Most facilities incorporate the latest technologies, operate in full professionalism and care for their patients.

Shopping in Leiden


There is some very good shopping to be done in Leiden, most of the big brands are there along Haarlemmerstraat and Breestraat. Easily walkable from the Central Station, they have an excellent...
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Car Rentals in Leiden

Car Rentals

Navigating a whole new area on your own schedule has never been easier than via renting a car. This can easily be done at some of the great locations in Leiden, where you will be met by only...
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Dental Care in Leiden

Dental Care

Good oral health and a radiant smile are very important not only for the overall health of the human body but also contributes to confidence levels. The city of Leiden can provide for the best dental...
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