Activities and Family Activities in Leiden

The Dutch city of Leiden Holland (Leyden in Dutch) is a picturesque community located in the tulip-growing district in the Netherlands. There is so much to see and do in Leiden that you might feel overwhelmed, but you should definitely leave some time apart to have some fun and games with the people closest to your heart. Experience the fun of escape rooms, experience the thrill of horse riding! You can discover the hidden gems of the city by going on a boat tour.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs in Leiden

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Working out should be on your terms because life is busy enough and your time is precious. You should always look to find time during the day for a quick workout. There is so much information...
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Horse Riding and Games in Leiden

Horse Riding and Games

After a long day of site seeing and adventuring into the history and culture of Leiden why not indulge in one of the most popular games of our time- Escape rooms. A great way to layer down on stress...
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Tours and Boat Tours in Leiden

Tours and Boat Tours

There is simply no better way of experiencing Leiden and its picturesque community than via the great boat tours on offer in the city. Leiden is second in size trailing only Amsterdam in this category...
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